The Mavericks - Mono - Vinyl

The Mavericks Mono CD

The Mavericks - Mono - Vinyl

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Track listing:

Side A

  1. "All Night Long” (Raul Malo)
  2. “Summertime (When I’m With You)” (Raul Malo)
  3. “Pardon Me” (Raul Malo, Alan Miller)
  4. “What Am I Supposed To Do” (Raul Malo)
  5. “Stories We Could Tell” (Raul Malo, Wally Wilson)
  6. “What You Do To Me” (Raul Malo, Allen Miller)

Side B

  1. “Let It Rain (On Me)” (Raul Malo)
  2. “The Only Question Is” (Raul Malo)
  3. “Out The Door” (Raul Malo)
  4. “(Waiting For) The World To End” (Raul Malo, Alan Miller)
  5. “Fascinate Me” (Raul Malo, Jerry Dale McFadden)