Glen Campbell - Glen Campbell Duets: Ghost On The Canvas Sessions CD


Ships on: July 24, 2024

CD of Glen Campbell's Glen Campbell Duets: Ghost On The Canvas Sessions Album. 

1. Intro
2. There's no me ... Without you (with carole king)
3. Ghost On The Canvas (With Sting)
4. Hold On Hope (With Eric Church)
5. The Long Walk Home (With Hope Sandoval)
6. Nothing But The Whole Wide World (With Eric Clapton)
7. In My Arms (With Brian Setzer)
8. A Better Place (With Dolly Parton)
9. Strong (With Brian Wilson)
10. A Thousand Lifetimes (With Linda Perry)
11. It's Your Amazing Grace (With Daryl Hall & Dave Stewart
12. Any Trouble (With X)
13. I'm Not Gonna Miss You (With Elton John)