Brantley Gilbert - So Help Me God (Deluxe Edition) Signed CD


Ships on: July 22, 2024

Signed CD of Brantley Gilbert's So Help Me God (Deluxe Edition) album.


1. Heaven by Then (Featuring Vince Gill) – Brantley Gilbert & Blake Shelton
2. Rolex® on a Redneck (Featuring Jason Aldean)
3. Miles of Memories
4. She’s the One
5. The Worst Country Song of All Time (Featuring Toby Keith and Hardy)
6. Son of the Dirty South (Featuring Jelly Roll)
7. How to Talk to Girls
8. Little Piece of Heaven
9. Gone but Not Forgotten
10. So Help Me God
11. Wrote the Book Around Here
12. Tailgates of Heaven
13. Bury Me Upside Down
14. All Over the Map
15. Behind the Times

Limited to 4 per customer.