The Acoustic Sessions Vinyl


Ships on: July 26, 2024

The Acoustic Sessions LP.

TRACK LISTING                           

  1. Cruise (Acoustic)
  2. Round Here (Acoustic)
  3. Stay (Acoustic)                                      
  4. Get Your Shine On (Acoustic)
  5. This Is How We Roll (featuring Luke Bryan) (Acoustic)
  6. Sippin’ On Fire (Acoustic)
  7. Sun Daze (Acoustic)
  8. Dirt (Acoustic)
  9. Anything Goes (Acoustic)
  10. Confession (Acoustic)
  11. Smooth (Acoustic)
  12. H.O.L.Y. (Acoustic)
  13. May We All (featuring Tim McGraw) (Acoustic)
  14. God, Your Mama, And Me (featuring Backstreet Boys)(Acoustic)
  15. Simple (Acoustic)
  16. Talk You Out Of It (Acoustic)
  17. Meant To Be (featuring Bebe Rexha) (Acoustic)